Alex Tomic

Master Student
University of Lugano (USI)
Faculty of Informatics
Lugano, Switzerland
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Ubiquitous Computing Lab Project 2011

The “Bat Goggles” are a general-purpose set of visual aids to assist those with low or no vision to sense obstacles. While the original project envisioned the sensors being attached as part of a helmet or eyeglasses, after experimentation it was determined that the tool is much more useful if the proximity sensors are movable, allowing them to be placed on the hands, feet, knees, or any other extremity. This allows more flexibility in exploration of environments and extending the effective range of the extremity.

In a free-moving use case, the user holds sensors in each hand. The proximity sensors serve as a virtual extension of the user’s hand, allowing him or her to check for the existence of objects without touching them. This can be useful in situations where it may be desirable to detect delicate objects that could be damaged if touched with excessive force (eg. a vase or lamp).


The following hardware components were used in the final project:

The following important software/middleware was used:

A more detailed project report, including Fritzing diagram, details on sound generation, etc., can be found here